Mechanicsburg Wildcats

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Mechanicsburg Wildcats 2014 CFA Football Coaching Staff

CFA Football Association Squad Coach Title First Name Last Name Telephone No. E-Mail Address
CFA Football Association Smurf Head Coach Joe Cooper 717-497-1804
Mechanicsburg Smurf Assistant Coach Heath Freeland 717-649-9812
Mechanicsburg Smurf Assistant Coach Ken Smith 570-262-6190
Mechanicsburg Smurf Assistant Coach Kenneth  Howe 607-235-8914
Mechanicsburg Smurf Assistant Coach Rob Ruth 717-329-9397
Mechanicsburg Smurf Assistant Coach Dan Stare (717) 497-6492 DSTARE@GFNET.COM
CFA Football Association Peewee Head Coach Bill Thomas 717-303-9945
Mechanicsburg Peewee Assistant Coach Jay Connors 717-773-3695
Mechanicsburg Peewee Assistant Coach Jerry Moyer 717-756-3509
Mechanicsburg Peewee Assistant Coach Joe Murlatt 717-648-5903
Mechanicsburg Peewee Assistant Coach Mike Glinatsis (717) 802-1363 MIKEGLINATSIS@GMAIL.COM<MIKEGLINATSIS@GMAIL.COM>;
Mechanicsburg Peewee Assistant Coach Brian Jamiolkowski (717) 919-4653 BJAMIOLKOWSKI@NCS-FUNDRAISING.COM
Mechanicsburg Peewee Assistant Coach Mike Chandler (717) 648-7778
Mechanicsburg Peewee Assistant Coach Troy Wilkins 717-802-1747
CFA Football Association Pony Head Coach Steve Deluca 717-343-1171 delucasteven@hotmail
Mechanicsburg Pony Assistant Coach Shawn Noll (717) 315-9998
Mechanicsburg Pony Assistant Coach Raymond Paton 717-712-6339
Mechanicsburg Pony Assistant Coach Jeffrey Shatzer 717-877-8787
Mechanicsburg Pony Assistant Coach Brian Shearer 717-766-3309
Mechanicsburg Pony Assistant Coach Ronald Brubaker 717-982-1353
Mechanicsburg Pony Assistant Coach Joseph Catalano 717-648-6210 JCATALANO@PA.GOV
Mechanicsburg Pony Assistant Coach Craig  Berkheimer 717-448-7061
Mechanicsburg Pony Assistant Coach Rich Weaver 240-674-1889
Mechanicsburg Pony Assistant Coach Paul Francis 508-667-6493
Mechanicsburg Pony Assistant Coach DJ Morrison 717-418-2163
CFA Football Association Midget Head Coach Dave Shoff (717) 599-9338
Mechanicsburg Midget Assistant Coach Jonathan DeBernardis 717-215-0303
Mechanicsburg Midget Assistant Coach Mark Hoover 717-791-1088
Mechanicsburg Midget Assistant Coach Kenneth Kehres 717-795-0939
Mechanicsburg Midget Assistant Coach David Lamancusa 717-368-9869
Mechanicsburg Midget Assistant Coach Erik Reisser 301-252-0022
Mechanicsburg Midget Assistant Coach Jason Misiti 717-592-0258 none